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Design Process

Organizing Your Design Process

All our projects begin right here, regardless of size. We can better assist our clients when we truly understand their needs and wants.


You are our first source of information! What are your key objectives?
We will first provide you with a free consultation, to assess the scope and profile of your website design. This is going to take a lot of work on your part, because the more we know, the better we can provide for you. For instance: What are the specific features or functions required for your website, the image it needs to convey and its target audience?

Artistic View

We love to get creative.
It is time for the art direction.
Here you can specify color, mood, fonts, logos, or anything graphical that may assist us with the viewable layout.


Organized and user-friendly
web presence is essential.
Design is more than skin deep. It’s got to look good. That’s a given. Now we focus more closely at the elements that a visitor will see: its written content, navigation, tables, forms, interactive features etc.


If content is the fuel of your website design, then the coding and development is most definitely the engine that drives it.
Though you won’t have any work to do in this step, it is still an important one that we take seriously. The code work itself requires its own strategy, design and development stages to ensure a seamless flow to a user’s experience.


It's all yours...Yeah!
Your website is now ready for publishing.
Your website will be published onto your server when you are happy and have approved the website. The website will now be under your total control and you will be fully responsible for all information posted on the site.

Support & Maintenance

We will continue to support you.
Responding to your competitive landscape, protecting your website with the latest software patches and upgrades, adjusting to new and best practices on the ever-changing web, maintaining engagement and launching new marketing campaigns requires maintenance. Cost effective, easy to budget and measurable improvements to your website.